My Favorite Free Fonts for Logo Design
A font (typface) can make a logo. Take Facebook for example. Nothing there but letters that just… work!

And lucky for us logo design enthusiasts, there are a whole slough of incredibly good free logo fonts available. On this page are a collection of my favorites.

Note: Each font comes with its own usage license that you should always read!



The Kabel Font | Download | More Info

OliJo| Download


Ostrich Sans| Download


Junction| Download

Elega| Download | More Info


Motoplatio| Download | More Info

Sniglet| Download

Existence Light| Download

Nevis| Download


Oval Single| Download

Eight One| Download

Banda| Download | More Info


Sorts Mill Goudy| Download

Orbitron| Download


Contempory (By Fox)| Download


Balham| Download


Zrnic| Download


Deco Neue| Download

Note – You have to either Tweet or Post on Facebook to download this font.

Magna Typeface

Manteka| Download | More Info

Beaver | Download | More Info

Bubbleboddy| Download


Bedini| Download


Bobel| Download

Collage| Download

Advent| Download

Molot| Download


Museo Slab| Download

Note – You have to create an account in order to download. It is free though!

Calluna| Download

Same as above, you have to create an account in order to download Calluna.


Xscale| Download

Maniackers Round| Download

One of my favorite round logo fonts. Includes five weights! Site is in Japanese but download at the bottom.